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Wine Program

Ancora’s award-winning wine list regularly plays host to legendary winemakers and wineries from around the globe. Winemaker dinners are routinely presented and paired by our expert culinary team.

With such an innovative menu, we have the opportunity to offer an exceptional array of wines from around the world.  Winemakers have blurred the boundaries of the once distinct differences between new and old world wines. Instead of focusing primarily on geography or varietal, we have chosen to emphasize the style and character of a wine in order to help our guests navigate by wine profile, taste, and feel. We have also focused on underscoring wines from prestigious producers and value wines which we believe over deliver.  Given the quality surge of local wineries over the years, we are proud in cataloging some of the best wines BC has to offer while paying homage to the very best international wines that complement our food. The list offers something for everyone from a valued bottle of BC Pinot Noir to a prestige bottle of a legendary first growth Bordeaux.

When selecting a wine for our list, we make a conscious effort to uphold our culinary philosophy - that the freshest foods and ingredients together with wine should inspire, balance and complement one another.

Enjoying wine creates lasting memories and is a celebration of life. We trust you will find your favourites, or seek something new and exciting.


Please email our Sommelier team if you wish to view our list at

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